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A profitable partnership !

With we offer dealers and drop zones in the European region a unique and powerful e-shop solution especially for business customers. If you too are interested in a partnership, simply check out noncommittally our dealer program on occasion please.

Did we arouse your interest? Then you can make the second step now and have yourself registered here as a dealer for the shop. We will check the application and get in contact with you promptly.


ALBATROS SKYWORLD (later referred to only as Albatros) is one of Europes leading suppliers of parachute equipment. We sell parachute systems from all major manufacturers to Drop-Zones and private customers. However our main focus is the supply to our own sub-dealer network.

ALBATROS SKYWORLD can offer you the following advantages

  • Delivery of all popular skydiving products
  • Comfortable order processing via internet
  • Large choice and quick delivery from stock
  • We cover the currency exchange risk for imports
  • Completion of import formalities, customs and duties
  • Financing of the purchases until invoicing
  • Sales-Support

Our large stocks of parachute equipment and the associated immediate delivery capability are important advantages that we can offer our dealers.

Dealer requirements and discount policy

Albatros Skyworld dealers must take their business seriously. They should possess the necessary experience in order that they can objectively and professionally advise their customers.

The Albatros Skyworld dealers are independent and do business on their own behalf. Dealers can set up their own price-structure. At Albatros Skyworld we also reserve the right to our own independent price-structure, whereby the interests of our dealers have priority.

Dealers must have internet access. Via the internet all important information and marketing tools for the dealers are provided.

Quantity-Discounts for Accessories: We offer especially low prices on particular products for large quantity orders. The dealer-price depends on the quantities ordered. These quantity discounts apply especially for fast-selling articles. The conditions are generally sent with the current price-lists.


Albatros supports its dealers with all the necessary dealer documentation and background information:

1. Dealer Access Albatros opens a separate and password protected gateway for its dealers to its internet/online shop. Via this access dealers can view the actual dealer prices and special offers and can calculate their own offers with the aid of the calculation module (Configurator).
2. Online Catalogue Up to date and extensive information about products are placed on disposal in the online catalogue.
3. Stock Lists The current Albatros and producer stock lists of harnesses and canopies are also made available online.
4. Sales Advice For additional sales information or advice our hotline or e-mail service is available.
5. Dealer News Regular bulletins about parachute market news (new products, special marketing activities)

Order Procedures

Stock goods will be delivered and immediately invoiced. If the order cannot be shipped immediately, for example because of the delivery-time from the manufacturer, a written confirmation of the order will be sent. The delivery times quoted are derived mainly from the manufacturers. Albatros, therefore, cannot take any responsibility for delays caused by the manufacturer.

Published Albatros dealer-prices are initially not binding. Unfortunately there are sometimes short-term price-rises from the manufacturers, which take immediate effect, and which we cannot cover. We also cannot be held responsible for typing errors in the price-lists.

Only after written confirmation from Albatros (2-5 days after receipt of the order) can we guarantee the prices for this order. Thereafter exchange-rate variations and manufacturers price-rises will be covered by Albatros unless other agreements have been made. (Price-Guarantee).

In practice, variations in price between the price-lists and the confirmation are very rare. The order can be cancelled in such a situation within 8 days.

Deliveries in the USA

If required, dealers can order US products from us and have them delivered in the USA. Invoicing would then be in US-Dollar without VAT. Dealers generally receive a 26 % Discount off the recommended retail-price from the US manufacturer (e.g. PD, Aerodyne, Sun Path, Relative Workshop and Rigging Innovations products). Shipping-costs to point of delivery will be covered by the dealer. The choice of place of delivery is completely open.

Important: Shipping risks in these cases will be covered by the Dealer (can be insured). The invoice amount must be paid into the Albatros US$ account before delivery of the goods in the US. We assume that the goods will be legally declared for import duties, should they be re-imported into the EU.

Terms of Payment

1. National Deliveries
Invoicing takes place at time of shipping. The invoiced amount is booked after 16 - 21 days from the dealers account. Established dealers are invoiced for goods received.

2. Foreign Deliveries
Deliveries in foreign countries must be paid for in advance via money-order or credit-card. For established dealers special agreements are possible.

3. Payment
For credit-card payments we will add 2,5 % commission. Wire-Transfer costs will be covered by the customer. We add Euro 20,00 for payments by foreign cheque to cover our bank costs.

4. Payment Arrears
If payment is not received within 30 days, interest will accrue at the rate of 1% per month and invoiced accordingly. In the case of repeat-offenders, deliveries will in future only be made when payment is received in advance or COD.

5. Special Conditions
Albatros reserves the right to require a deposit for custom orders or especially large orders.

General Conditions

  • Parachute systems are delivered as parts, and must be assembled by the dealer. If, on occasion, we carry out the assembly, the cost will be calculated on the basis of the normal working-hours.
  • In cases of product quality problems, Albatros GmbH will enter into discussions with the manufacturer ref. guarantees, and will protect the interests of the dealers. The costs which may arise out of such returns and claims (eg. Shipping costs, import duties etc.), are to be covered to the extent of 1/3 by the dealer concerned.
  • The dealer program is part of the General Business Conditions of the Albatros Skyworld GmbH

Albatros Skyworld GmbH
January 2005